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How SEO is Killing my Creativity

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Neon SEO sign

Remember how last month I wrote about my need for creative time? How I wanted to write more blog posts and share them with you? I wrote that I had created “white space” in my calendar to have time to reflect, relax and just “be.” In fact, I have given myself the time, but I have not been more productive when it comes to writing and “publishing.” Instead, I have been doing “keyword research” and trying to find keywords that will rank high on Google searches and allow my post to be “found” by people searching.

Do Keywords matter?

Why was I doing this? Probably because I have read that it matters. If I want the blog to “drive” traffic to my website, my posts need to help people find me, and they can’t discover me if the posts on the site are not “ranking” high enough in the searches.


But why does that matter to me and you here on this blog?

Well, maybe it doesn’t.

My Keyword Research

Word cloud with largest central term being "Keyword Research"
Keyword Research word cloud

Over the past month, I have performed many keyword searches concerning executive and leadership coaching, personal development, creativity, coaching women leaders, etc. They turned out to have such a low volume of inquiries, or such a high amount of competition, that there was no way a post on the topic would receive a first-page rank.

And so, my creative juices would wane, and I would give up.

But It's Not All About Me

Well, that's an interesting thought.

While writing a post helps me meet my need for creativity, the purpose of writing this (or any) post is to be helpful to you.

That is what I was missing by allowing my imagination to be hindered by reliance upon data. I was making assumptions about how you would measure the value of my post based purely on the numbers generated by analyzing the keywords for SEO rankings.

Well, Maybe it is About Me (at least a little)

I know that by writing this blog consistently, I provide insight into the person I am, and from that, you can infer a lot about what it would be like to work with me in a coaching (or any other kind of) relationship. I learned about the power of this writing over a decade ago when I was blogging as Physician-in-Chief of the Children’s Hospital at the medical center where I worked. One day, I met a doc interviewing for a job in a different department. He announced that by reading my blog, he could get to know the person that I was, and from that, he could infer that he would be happy in our employ, even though I would not be his boss.

And in those days, I didn’t worry about SEO or Keywords; I just wrote from my heart

And that’s what I will do going forward. Write from my heart, and write about stuff that might be helpful to you even though it may not allow me to be “found” by others searching for a specific topic or keyword. But, in order to do that, I have to know what you want to read about.

Large black NO overlying a desktop with Content, Keywords, Links, Blogs and SEO
No more worrying about SEO and Keywords in my content creation

What I need from you

What would be helpful to me is to know what you would find beneficial.

What questions might you search for and not find an answer to or find an answer that is inadequate to meet your needs?

Drop me a note in the comments area below, or shoot me a message using my contact form, and I promise I will try to meet your needs without worrying about whether or not the topic and keywords will rank high in SEO.


Thanks for reading. I value your time and am honored you chose to spend the last few minutes reading this post. I hope it provided value for you. If so, I would appreciate it if you would share it with someone who might also find it of value.

I would love to hear from you. Please come find me on LinkedIn. Or send me an email at

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