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Individual Clients

"One of my favorite characteristics of Alice is her experience in multiple industries and roles. This gives her tremendous perspective--and because she is sincerely curious about your experiences, she asks insightful questions that show her appreciation of diversity and of your won ideas. In an age when professionals need and want to recognize valuable competencies across situations, Alice will be a wonderful asset to your journey!"

KH, Educational Leadership

"Alice is an excellent coach and has made significant impact in my personal and professional life by redirecting and realizing my deep goals and priorities. During the coaching sessions she asks thoughtful questions that help me to reflect clearly and deeply."

VG, Physician

"Alice has been a great coach to work with one on one. She used her background in working in the medical and non-profit world to respond with empathy to the professional challenges I was talking through. She understood the impact of workplace transitions I was facing and helped me to see the factors that were within my control as well as understand the elements I could not control. As an external processor, it was incredibly helpful to have an empathic ear to listen and be a sounding board for my thoughts and emotions."

SM, non-profit community worker

"Alice has been such an inspiration to me!  She is insightful, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, and has a delightful sense of humor!  Her ability to enable me to draw upon my own inner strength, to come to my own conclusions, to do the necessary internal work so that I can be more effective externally, has been priceless...She has empowered me to discover and walk in those things that are already true of me; things that I had not seen about myself before.  She has encouraged me to step out of my 'stuck' places and into the life that I was truly meant to live."

AH, Massage Therapist

"I have worked with Dr. Ackerman for over 2 years. She is thoughtful, non-judgmental, positive and always available in a pinch. She listens and gives advice that is practical and applicable in real life situations. She would be an asset to any professional development."

AJ, Physician

Group Clients

"Alice has been a tremendous asset to our agency in facilitating small weekly support groups to help us process COVID-19, how it impacted us, and the population in the community we work with. She helped us to connect to each other as coworkers even though we were not working out of the same office anymore. She created space to process how we were dealing with the known and unknown both in our personal and professional lives. Her wealth of experience and knowledge in the real world and medical field built the backdrop for our groups to be effective and respond to the emotional needs of our staff."

SM, Group Member,

local non-profit serving underprivileged children

"Alice provided a safe space during the unprecedented and extraordinary time of pandemic. I appreciated her calm, welcoming, and reassuring tone and her affirming and encouraging support. I always felt better and more hopeful after one of her sessions."

KS, Group Member,

local non-profit

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