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You may find the following links helpful as you consider whether coaching is right for you:


1.  Here is a link to the ethical standards that I follow in all my coaching interactions and agreements: International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics--


2.  The International Coaching Federation has defined competencies that all coaches should have. I have been evaluated by an approved ICF accredited school, I have met the competencies at the PCC level.  Please see the following link if you would like to read about them:


3.  If you would like to hear and see how coaching has impacted various individuals around the world follow this link:


4.  If you are not certain whether coaching is right for you, consider using the following form to explore your own thoughts, needs and motivation for working with a coach: [link to coaching prompts form]


5. Many people are not as successful, fulfilled or happy as they could be because they have habits of mind (called biases) that interfere with their best thinking; their "A game." The science of Axiology (the study of relative value), when combined with principles of Neuroscience has produced a coaching process called Axiogenics, or Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology [that's quite a mouthful, so we call it NCRT]. It uses the Hartman Value Profile to help you identify ways in which your thinking is CLEAR (your assets) and ways in which your thinking may be CLOUDED (your biases that have the potential to become liabilities). By understanding these aspects of your own thinking, you can live a more fulfilling life, by playing your A Game more consistently.


Intrigued? Take the FREE Value Quotient (VQ)Profile assessment and schedule a free session with me to discuss your results:

VQ Profile Assessment

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