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Four Surprising Things I Know About You

If we are not personally acquainted, you may think you are unknown to me and by me, but that is not true. There are many things I already know about you, even though there are also many more I would like to learn.

1. You are unique in all of nature, AND YET you share many attributes with your fellow humans

Closeup of a white flower with small blossoms on a green background
Photo © Alice D Ackerman 2023, all rights reserved

Look at this beautiful flower. It is easily recognizable as Queen Anne's Lace (otherwise known as wild carrot), yet it is also unique in the specific ways each of the miniature blossoms interacts with each other and the overall design they make against the background of greenery behind them. If this flower has so many points of uniqueness, how many do you have? You have an infinite number of attributes that make you you, yet you are instantly recognizable as a human. No other human on this earth is exactly the same as you. Perhaps you have an "Identical twin" sibling. That means your genetic makeup and that of your twin is the same. Yet small differences can be identified by only those closest to you that distinguish you from your sibling. You may or may not like the same foods, which means that the way your brains interpret the taste of a substance on your tongue is not exactly the same. You may not like the same kinds of music or excel in the same subjects at school.

So I know that while you share many attributes with the others of our species, you are also unlike anyone else in the world. You are special. You are one-of-a-kind. You are irreplaceable.

2. You are more powerful than you will ever know

Profile view of a hawk perched in a leafless tree
photo © Alice D Ackerman 2023, all rights reserved

Look at the hawk sitting peacefully on the branch of this tree. The hawk's mere presence has created a relative emptiness of other birds in the trees behind my house and on the deck around my bird feeder (where I took this photo). It is incredible how this creature's power is transmitted to its surroundings without it having to do anything. Yet, even as a human, I can see the power in its stature, in its eyes, and in its general demeanor.

What do people see when they look at you? Do you transmit a sense of power or a sense of powerlessness? Many of us believe that no one will notice our power unless we are actively speaking, moving, and directing others. Yet, I know that you have immense power within yourself. You can change the world by your actions, even if you think you can't. You have the ability to learn, to grow, and to contribute to your community, family, and self. You can create value through your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Yet, there are times when you unintentionally give away your power. You may do or say things that reflect a lack of confidence. You may think that others are judging you negatively, and then you hold back, lower your gaze, and blend into the background. When you give away your intrinsic power, you let others take control. Then you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and perhaps, without purpose.

What would happen if you stepped into your power instead of hiding it? What would happen if you had the courage to be who you are meant to be? What would our world be like if we all acknowledged our greatness and created value with our words and deeds?

3. You are incredibly complex

Kaleidoscopic photo with multiple patterns on a reddish-brown background
Photo © Alice D Ackerman 2023, all rights reserved

Look at this kaleidoscopic view. I can't even remember what I was photographing on this day. However, the complexity created by multiplying the designs, as reflected by the mirrors, demonstrates that enhancing the complexity may enhance the beauty. I put this here because I want you to realize that the many facets of yourself, your personality, and your thoughts and emotions enhance YOUR beauty as well. Although you sometimes have to express your thoughts and ideas in simpler terms so that others can understand them, this is a reminder never to try to hide the multiple ways in which your soul is complex.

Embrace your incredible complexity and allow it to enhance your beauty, significance, and soul. Carry your complexity with you and never try to hide it or color over it with something bland or monochrome unless that is how your true self is expressed.

4. You bring exquisite beauty to this world daily

Beautiful sunrise behind a ridgeline in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Photo © Alice D Ackerman 2023, all rights reserved

This photo is what I often see if I wake up before the sun comes up over the mountain ridge. The sunrise is so beautiful that it fills us with awe. We acknowledge that nature is infinite and beautiful in all its manifestations. When I witness this beauty, I feel small and great at the same moment. I feel inspired to do my best in the dawning day.

You are part of nature, of this world, of all things that bring value and that share in the value of others. So, I know that you are likely to be awed by this and other manifestations of the greatness of our natural world. Yet, I also know that sometimes you are too busy to stop for a moment to reflect on this beauty. You sometimes allow life's small things to overshadow the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise.

When you allow that to happen, you also allow YOUR beauty to be hidden from the world. We do not experience the beauty of the sunrise if there are no clouds between us and the horizon, but we also do not experience the beauty if the clouds completely block our vista. Yet the beauty is always there.

So I know that you often hide your intrinsic beauty. You allow clouds to block others' views of your greatness. And, you frequently let the shadows of your thoughts hide your beauty from yourself.

Your beauty has very little to do with your face, body, or the color of your hair or eyes. It has everything to do with what is in your heart. It is the beauty of how you make others feel that I'm talking about, the beauty of what exists deep inside and what communicates to what lies deep inside of me. That is what true beauty is.

So, tell me, how are you acknowledging or hiding your own uniqueness, power, complexity, and deep beauty? What can you do to allow these qualities to be more present in your life?

Think about this question, and meet me here next month, when I will share some more things I know about you. In the meantime, I would love it if you would share some of the ways you live into your power, your uniqueness, your complexity, and your intrinsic beauty. I would also love it if you would share some of the ways you might struggle with these topics.


Thanks for reading. I value your time and am honored you chose to spend the last few minutes reading this post. I hope it provided value for you. If so, I would appreciate it if you would share it with someone who might also find it of value.

I would love to hear from you. Please come find me on LinkedIn. Or send me an email at

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