How Is COVID-19 Impacting You?

This is a difficult time for many of us; I will be adding elements to this page that may be of help to you or someone your love. The first is a link to a calendar called The Breathing Space, made by coaches and other service-oriented folks to provide moments of virtual relief during these days of stress. You may access the calendar here:
The Breathing Space
I was contributing to this by hosting a guided visualization/relaxation meditation weekly, but now I am hosting the video here so you can use it whenever you wish.
Second, I am personally offering a small number (for a limited time only) of FREE personal or group coaching sessions specifically for healthcare providers who have been impacted by COVID-19. Let me know what you need when you click on the link to my calendar and schedule time for us to chat. It will come up as a coaching session--it doesn't have to be that if you just want to ask questions or explore whether I can meet the needs you may have. This is an uncertain time for many of us. I am no longer in the healthcare system, so I would like to help as much as I can.

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